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    After having purchased a digital video camera I am now looking to get a decent spec PC to dump my videos onto, edit them and burn them onto DVD for the grandparents.

    Problem im having is I aint bought a PC in 5 years so you can imagine the shape of the one I have at the moment, not in any fit shape to do much other than browse.

    After speaking with the local teccy guy at work this is part of the spec I would like
    Intel core 2 duo quad processor with 3gb ram. I would like to get a decent graphics and sound card, not too high spec as I aint gonna be playing the top end games on it (probably just champ manager)

    My budget I guess would probably be as much as £500 as I know the better spec the easier it will be and also the longer the PC will be of decent spec.


    Your best off looking at Dell. They offer some good systems for around £500 and in some cases you can get some pretty good vouchers/quidco and save even more.

    If you are going to do video editing on a PC then get the biggest hard disk you can.

    Video editing can take up a huge amount of disk space.

    I would go for 250Gb minimum, try to get 500Gb if you can.

    I started off video editing with a AMD 1.5ghz CPU and it did the job very well . I had no problems using Pinnacle 9 for capturing and I used Sony Vegas and Serif Movie plus .My DVD disk had no faults . If you intend to do HD video ,that's a different thing altogether and you would need a high spec PC with lots of RAM.
    I upgraded a couple of years ago with two new PC's [ I'm a PC Technician and build my own ] with what you would call entry level PC's .................AMD 2.8ghz & a AMD 3.2ghz both for editing and they do a fine job .A 128mb graphics card in each with 1g of RAM . You dont need to go over the top in specifications when there not really needed ,unless your going down the HD road . Remember , 1 hours worth of DV video works out at about 12 to 13 gig of space ,so ,your hard drive wil need to be a biggy if you intend to capture alot of footage.

    The local techy guy specified a Core 2 Duo Quad? What a strange recommendation! However, the recommendation of Intel for video editing is the correct one as Intel support a better instruction set for video editing and it's capability to perform more instructions per clock cycle than AMD's offerings gives it the edge in codec decoding and encoding plus compression. As for whether to go for 2 cores or 4 cores, video editing software generally tend to me very multithreaded so a 4 core processor will be beneficial but just to confuse you, the aging and relatively cheap Q6600 Core 2 Quad processor is outclassed by some of the newer 45 nm Core 2 Duos even in video editing but nevertheless, it is an inexpensive option to provide a responsive solution for video editing.

    3 GB of RAM is also a strange recommendation as you will not be running the memory fully as dual channel. If you use 4 GB of RAM either as 2 x 2GB of 4 x 1GB (providing your board supports 4 slots) then you can take advantage of dual channel memory access and as it stands to reason that video editing is memory intensive, it makes sense to use 4 GB rather than 3GB of RAM even if a 32 bit OS won't take advantage of all 4 GB of RAM.

    You don't need high end graphics for video editing unless you are working with HD content but even many basic graphics cards support acceleration of some HD codes such as 264, VC-1, etc. A cheap Radeo 2600 Pro will handle HD content quite painlessly.

    Original Poster

    Thanks to all replies.

    I aint planning on doing HD, well not yet anyway

    I was thinking of going for the Tesco deal for £299. This spec should be good enough huh?…053

    I do have a 500gb Sata Hard drive which should fit into it so lots of space.


    The local techy guy specified a Core 2 Duo Quad? What a strange … The local techy guy specified a Core 2 Duo Quad? What a strange recommendation!

    Yup, You can have a Core 2 Duo or a Core 2 Quad but there's no such thing as a Core 2 Duo Quad.

    The dell quad-core should be fine, you can always upgrade the memory/operating system and put in a decent graphics card if you need to later.
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