PC Stops & Starts and wont boot - Please Help

Found 10th Sep 2008
Hi All

Sadly i dont have the confidence to build my own pc yet but maybe soon and I wondered if someone could help me please with advice.

I bought this cheap pc (9 Months ago)at a deal posted on link below.

EXPIRED - HP dx2250 - ATHLON 64 X2 5000+ 2.6GHz, 2GB RAM, 250GB, DVD-RW, VISTA HOME. Only £183.83


* AMD Athlon X2 5000+ Processor
* 2GB Memory
* 250GB Hard drive
* DVD-RW Optical Drive
* Vista Home Basic Operating System
* Monitor Not Included

I then ordered my graphics card from aria Saphire Radeon HD 3850 256 MB PCI-Express.

My previous pc had a decent hyper psu in it (Sadly at work at the moment and do not know the model no) so i moved over my hyper psu and one of my 500 gb sata hard drives.

Anyway all is fine and dandy untill last week. For the past week when i would boot up my pc it would make a funny noise which seemed to be coming from the psu. So after several restarts/turning on and off the problem would go away and it would boot up fine. In some cases it did say "Disk Failure, insert system disk".

So last night i rush home to play Warhamer Age of Reckoning and booted up my pc after several attempts. As soon as i start the game the pc turns itself off. Tried again and then it turned itself off whilst i was web browsing.

So at this point i am not what is the problem is it the psu? Graphics card? Motherboard etc.

I disconnected one item at a time and tried to boot up (The only thing i didnt disconnect was the gfx card) and most times it would either not boot at all or only get so far (The light on the mother board was on).

I unplugged all the parts and cleaned them and made sure they was properly connected. Took the psu apart and cleaned that. Tried to boot up again and sometimes it would make it as far as logo screen and once i was replying to a forum message and it just kept hanging whilst typing a message.

So i dug out the old psu that came with it some cheap lite on thing. Disconnected my gfx card and reconnected the old 250w psu with internal gfx card and it booted up several times ok.

I then reconncected my hyper psu to my previous pc machine and expected the psu to make the noise it was making when attached to the hp model but that also booted up several times and never once made the noise it was making when attached to the hp machine.

Also i noticed that when the liteon psu was attached to the hp machine the cpu fan sped at quite a fast machine but when the hyper was connecting and trying to boot up the speed of the fan was quite slow.

I wasnt able to test the saphire radeon hd 3850 gfx card in my old pc as the motherboard has only an agp slot and no pci-express.

So i am left thinking is it the hiper psu? Is it my hd 3850 gfx card? Or possibly the motherboard.

Sorry for the long winded story but I am at a loss as to which part of my machine is causing the problem.

Many Thanks for listening.

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Sounds like PSU, hungry GFX card when that goes into full use (launching game) its causing a drain.
I am thinking same thing although it does boot up my other pc with no problems although not tried a game on it yet.
Thanks for replying. Spoke to some chap at HP Support who more or less said he cant help because the psu was not part of the original machine, assuming its the psu causing the problem. He gave the impression that the machine comes with a 250w psu and they dont recommend anything else.

Weird thing is my hyper psu that doesnt work properley on this hp dx2250 seems to work fine on my old pc, so who knows.

Oh well off to pc world to buy a new psu, fingers crossed.
I guess your old PSU is just lower power than the HP one and can't handle the load anymore. Or maybe it's just worn out if you've had it a while.

I haven't heard of Hyper and they don't seem to be sold anymore so I guess it's pretty old so it may not even provide the right type of power. These days the +12v line seems like the most important.
Well still not sure what the problem is but i am thinking its the grfx card.

Bought a PSU Artic one from PC World for £70. a modular one so less wires. Connected it and it booted up fine with the onboard grfx card. Connected my HD Radeon 3850 and it kept getting as far as the microsoft scroll bar screen and then would reboot. Windows tried to repair what ever the problem was with the HP recovery option but i am thinkings its the gfx card now or possibly the mobo doesnt like it anymore.

Oh well now off to purchase a gfx card. I swear at this rate i will have half a pc purchased in parts.

Thanks for the replies.
Arctic Power PSUs aren't great
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