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Found 10th Sep 2008
Please Help A Noob

I reinstalled xp. However when i go to plug in the ethernet cable nothings happens. I rang vigin media up and they said i need a lan cable driver.

Could someone please help and fomd this for me.

Im at my wits end!

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Do you know what make the PC is? Go to the manufacturers site and search for your model no. and they should have all the drivers you need.
you need to know make and model of your pc or lan adaptor. if you click start run type in devmgmt.msc this will bring up device manager. under ethernet controller you probably have an exclamation mark or something saying unknown device?

you need to get network driver from the manufacturer web site. download and just install it
1. Download CPUZ: cpuid.com/dow…zip
2. Run the program. Go to mainboard tab, it should tell you the 'manufacturer' and the 'model' of your mainboard.
3. Go to Google and search for the Manufacturers Official Website
4. Locate the downloads/driver section on there website
5. Locate the files that match the Model information you found in CPUZ.
6. Specifically you are looking for network controller drivers.
7. Copy them to an External device, USB Stick, DVD/CD Disk or Floppy disk if possible as the drivers should only be small.
8. Install them on the other machine by pointing Windows to the right location.
Thanks, will try + rep for fast reply
Use driver guide or something similar it will tell you any missing drivers you have an download them

First though view your network connections and make sure your local area connection isn't disabled, just to be sure aswell try a different ethernet cable if you have one

well, i got to manufacture website, but i downgraded the PC to Xp from Vista and the options are just vista.
done that RedIron
We're going to need some details of your mobo then

A programme like ]Everest will tell you it if you don't know it
Thanks, will do that
Motherboard Name: 945GCT-HM
Bump !
There's was no XP driver released for your board as it was designed for Vista

There will be a work around though so i'll just have a search and see if I can find something
Hmm tricky

It looks as if using this driver;


Will solve it for you but you will need to manually install the driver i.e. extract the driver then in the windows driver wizard choose on't search I will choose the driver to install, or something similar to that, basically just choose that driver and it should be OK

I've not done it though so can't give any guarantee's, I would recommend creating a system restore point though just to be on the safe side
Or download the top file from this page:

Auto installation program (support WinXP64/Win98SE/WinME/Win2K/WinXP)(Submission ID:1304223)
The auto installation thing probably wont work as it's not the right driver technically, windows needs to be manually pointed the driver from what I gather
Thanks will have a try
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