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    would this item in this hyperlink allow me to connect my USB external HDD to my local network?…3Q8



    my initial response will be no.

    best idea would be to get a router with usb ports....

    or a HDD caddy that is networkable and put your HDD in there

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    ok thanks, rep left for help

    I would be intrested in knowing this also, however i would have thought not as the usb hdd would not have a ip address!?

    you would be better of buying a Nas box, this is purpose built for your requirements thanks

    absolutely 100% not !

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    ok thanks, they seem quite pricey....rep left


    something like this dude but i'm sure you can get one cheaper on ebay:…893

    As everyone else has said, this won't work as it's just a converter - to function as a network device it needs some extra hardware to be able to communicate with other devices on the network.

    If you do buy a NAS enclosure make sure you read up on it thoroughly first as many don't have great interfaces, can be slow plus the drive has to be FAT32 formatted.


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    do any of you guys own a NAS enclosure? what are the transfer speeds like? or is this dependant on the router used?
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