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    just bought a TV for my room and wanted to hook it up to my laptop. Any advice on what lead I NEED???


    If your laptop has a Svideo socket (round 7 pins) then you need a Svideo to scart lead or Svideo to Svideo if your tv has Svideo socket.

    After you connect it you will have to go into the display settings on your laptop and select the tv or display 2 or you will not get a video picture.

    You could also used a VGA cable otherwise.

    search on google on "video connectors" , you will start to get pictures of connectors and names which you can use to match up with what you have. Usually s-video goes straight to s-video or SCART. Usually the monitor output from a laptop usually connects directly to a LCD TV with PC input (D- sub).

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    thanks a lot for the advice...been away for a while

    HDMI>HDMI would be best if both ends have it, otherwise it depends on what your laptop has in the way of video out connectors.

    what about the audio?

    Whats the exact model of your TV & Laptop? maybe able to tell you exactly what you need then :thumbsup:

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    ive got a dell vostro and wanna connect to my old toshiba 37inch crt....i can see the 15pin socket at the back of the laptop if that helps

    so you dont have an lcd tv like you stated in the first post then? You wont be able to use a VGA, DVI or HDMi cable then. Probably S-Video - S-Video or S-Video - Scart like Mark said is what you need. Not sure about sound and I dont think it will display very well on a crt tv.

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    oh yeah sorry im becoming a pain in the **** now... it was for my bedroom but now decided to hook it up downstairs...ive found out what im looking, cheers guys for your help
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