pc to lcd tv lead

    For a new Samsung 32n73
    Am I really looking at £20 plus?


    Do you mean a vga cable or does your PC have dvi out and your tv dvi in?

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    Thanks for the reply, looks like a hdmi to dvi lead is the choice, need to dig my pc manual out first to see if pc has dvi out
    Tv has 2 hdmi/dvi slots so no worries there
    Any recommendations as to where to get one if o.k. if not will it be vga to vga? tv has this in too
    Tv manual say to connect the d-sub lead whatever that is

    If your graphics card has a DVI out port on it then you could possibly try one of these.…444

    I have never done this before and am not 100% sure if this is what you need, someone may be able to answer that for me.

    Also as this is DVI out, DVI does not carry sound so you will have to get some extra phono (the red and white connectors) leads and connect these separately.

    In fact here is a link to all of them, you will probably need a longer one than the one I posted above, depends where your PC is sat.…LCD

    If your card is not DVI then just connect via VGA, here is a list of sites that sell cables going through dealtime. Again your price depends on how long you want the cable but it should not come to more than £10 included postage.…_10
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