PC to projecter help needed


    I have recently been trying to connect my pc to my projector
    PC = Dell vostro 200
    Projector = Infocus IN1

    i have been trying to connect via vga to component lead and the projector just doesn't display anything

    can anyone help me?


    There is usually a key combination - something like the Fn key + F5 - which toggles between showing picture on main display only, external display only and both displays.

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    thanks, do you know the combo for vostro 200??

    Apparently it is Fn+F8 on a Vostro 1500 but I don't know if the Vostro 200 is the same or not.

    Check the functions keys - they should have little icons/pictures on them - the one with a PC & TV screen lookalike will be the one:thumbsup:

    Go into your Display properties' settings and enable a 2nd monitor. Then connect your projector and look for the F button on your keyboard that has a pic of 2 monitors (mine is Fn+F8). Press the combination till you see something and keep experimenting with the resolution settings in your properties till you get it looking right.

    Sometimes the correct Fn key has "CRT/LCD" written on it like this one:…JPG

    Here's an example of a Fn key with the 2 monitors picture that kingy58 mentioned:…jpg
    (F7 in this case).

    Does nobody do any research any more? The Fn+F-key shortcuts are laptop peculiarities, the Vostro 200 is a desktop so it's unlikely to have those (unless dell have started coming up with proprietry standards for their desktop keyboards as well).

    Open up the control centre for your graphics card or window's display settings and see if the projector is showing up there as a secondary screen, that'll tell you whether it's detected and not set up properly or whether it's a cable problem.

    Does the projector not have a VGA connection?

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    yeah the vostro does not have a combination...
    i tried it with my acer laptop and used the combo, but it came on for a sec and then went back off?
    just does not last, any one able to help me on that?

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    I think you will find it's your cable. I wanted to do the same thing, and as the in1 doesn't have a vga input I bought a vga to component cable and like you couldn't get it to work. It turns out that the cable is component to vga, rather than vga to component. I think you need quite an expensive box to convert vga to component....
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