PC to run Fairly new games and Software - PC "Noob!"

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Found 21st Jan 2008
I'm after a PC that can run Autocad 2008 easily as well as a bit of PC gaming - Pro Evolution Soccer and Football Manager, C&C3. Would like a sub £500 price.

Been looking for a week or two and the graphics cards thing is puzzling me, some workj with certain things and others dont. Will a PC with an 8800 run anything as they seem to be the best?

I'm from an Apple background so Ive always just stuck to Mac Apps that just install and "work" none of the whole graphics card, ram etc hassle.

I'm after a desktop without a screen - but with either HDMI or DVI or a Laptop with a large screen as its mainly for CAD with a bit of gaming on the side.

On the CAD side, I'll be using 2D at the moment but can see myself progressing to 3D fairly soon so it must do 3D and not stutter!

Would one of Dell's XPS range fit the bill?

Help appreciated!!!


To be honest, Autocad was a hefty app in the days of 486s and Pentium Pro 200s. Nowadays, unless you are editing some absolutely vast documents, most PCs will hardly even notice it is running. As a rule of thumb, go for a non-integrated graphics card, and a dual core CPU. Even my 2 year old X2 3800 with 2GB can run Google Earth, 3DS Max and Photoshop at the same time without any slowdown.

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anyone can help?!
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