Found 2nd Mar 2008
My son-in-law wants to watch some video files he has on his Windows XP PC but he wants to watch them through his Xbox 360 on his TV.

He has downloaded some software from the microsoft site but is being blocked from watching even after turning off his firewall.

Any advice please.


has he turned file sharing on through windows media player?

Check out ]My Thread and my post #10.

This should give you all the info you need to do this without using any additional software.

Hope this helps.

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Thank you will try that.

Superb answers hope they work for him.

I spent hours trying to get this to work. My pc could see the xbox but my xbox couldnt see the pc. tried a million different things but in the end gave it up as a bad job.
Now im using a laptop with vista and it works fantastic.

We use a program called TVersity, its great for watching video files etc through the xbox.

It streams the video's from your pc to the xbox seems to work well on most standard desktops too:)


I realyy would not bother with TVersity unless you are unable to use the Windows Media Player option.

Why install something when you already have something from Microsoft that will allow you to watch/play files with another Microsoft product.

You should not have any issues. If you do PM me and I will help out as much as I can.

Hi, if you xbox 360 has the latest firmware update just put the files on a usb memory stick (fat formated not NTFS), and plug it into the xbox, then use the video blade. The xbox will now play Xvid & Divx files, the ones off bittorrent sites.

I too just use a USB stick, means you can do more with the video when watching (pasue/ fast forward/ chapter skip etc) and there is no loss in quality

If your PC is powerful enough, use Orb.
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