pc tower case wanted

    anyone ever came across somewhere selling Clear Acrylic Computer PC cases for cheap?

    i did a search in google and came back with $62 but no delivery to england

    anyone know where to get a cheap one?
    must be from UK or deliver to UK
    with or without PSU


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    example of what im after

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    i never thought about ebuyer,

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    can anyone beat robg81's price?

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    anyone able to beat this price?as cheap as possible

    I only did spend 2 seconds looking for this was easy im sure you will see some else have a look at ebay too.

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    ebay are DEARER than ebuyer and america sell them for $62 which is half the price of ebuyer but dont deliver over here

    £39.99 ??

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    Got that off google.
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