PC Upgrade - recommendations needed!

Found 11th Aug 2009

I am looking to upgrade my 2&1/2 year old rig, retaining components where possible.
I have a decent level of knowledge generally, build my own pcs, but have not kept up with the latest technology updates of late. Therefore I am looking for suggestions.

My current rig is as follows:

Intel Core 2 Duo E6600
Zalman 9700LED CPU Cooler
Geil Ultra DDR2 PC6400 4x1gb
Abit fatal1ty fp-in9 sli
250GB Western Digital Caviar 16mb(?)
Hiper R Series 530w Modular PSU (bought 18 months ago)
XFX HD 4890 XXX 1GB (bought last week!)
Thermaltake Armor Jnr

I will most certainly be able to retain my 22" monitor, DVD ROM drives, speakers, keyboard and mouse (all decent quality)

What I'm interested in so far:
Intel I7 920 or AMD Phenom 2 x4 955 Black Edition
Minimum of 4GB DDR3 RAM (leaning towards tri-channel - how does this compare to dual?)
A solid mobo and fan that will cater for the above and allow a decent CPU overclock (i hear the I7 does 4.0GHz)
A new PSU; the Hiper has been struggling to support the 4890 when the CPU is overclocked at my usual 3.0GHz...(reset to stock settings)

Any recommendations on what I should get? My budget is flexible; should manage around the £400...
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defintely the i7, surpasses any quadcore and is defintely the next gen DDR3 is still pretty pricey, but if you want a nice updated rig yeh its a good option..will easily be budgeted with the £400, i dont have any suggestions as for the mobo or fan, but check out ebuyer
If your building an i7 rig that you intend to overclock to anywhere near 4ghz you will need a bigger budget.. the mobo and cpu alone will set you back £350 ..then theres the tri channel ddr3 ram, a decent cooler, new psu etc etc..
Go for a 955 (easiest overclock ever with the unlocked multipliers) with a Gigabyte MA970XT-UD4P or an Asus AM3 board iv heard they're good, I have the gigabyte and my 955 quite happily sits at 3.8ghz on air with the stock cooler. Shouldnt be too expensive and oh yeah the corsair xms3 ram, has brilliant timings and overclocking potential.
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