PC upgrades; graphics, dvd, wireless, tv card

    Can anyone point me in the direction for the following parts at lowest prices:

    dvd burner (will be used for backups, cd burning adn film burning)

    graphics card (to upgrade from on board to be used for the odd game, watching tv & internet stuff)

    wireless modem(DSL, usb connection, easy to install to use from current broadband connection)

    Freeview TV card (to watch normal freeview channels, noticed that soem of the aerials are not very powerful on some offered and signal strength is npt great around here)

    These will be to fit to…=11 this Dell system that hopefully arrives this afternoon .

    Cheers all.


    Lamarr, the 5150 has a puny power supply - if you plan to upgrade your graphics card to a top end, you'll need a new power supply too.


    are your best bets.

    DVD Burners are pretty much standard, just pick one that goes with your case.

    The onboard graphics are MORE than adequate for watching tv & internet stuff. Depending on what the odd game is that you intend to play, you may need to upgrade. My advice is to try the system out first. If the games you want to play are slow, then consider upgrading. Otherwise don't fix it if it ain't broke.

    Do you want an internal or external wireless modem? Do you have a router yet?

    And with your freeview card, seeing as you have a desktop, why not run it to your house aerial? That will give you the best signal. Again, all much of a muchness. choose one with MCE drivers if you will use that.

    Original Poster

    Cheers andi.

    Will the power supply run hot if i try to play lots of high speed games ( and put strain causing it to cut out if too hot)??
    As you say, i will see how things go first.
    What is the average price for a dvd burner. I saw a pioneer on svp for £35, is this average pricing?

    There is a router in the house already, i just need the card/usb adapter (external plug & go is preferable). I have seen Net gear for about £20 on the high street or the PC world offer on the linksis then ebay the router. Good idea?

    The TV thing is easier said than doen. There is no digital aerial in the house (telewest cable instead).
    This [url=[email protected]@@@[email protected]@@@&BV_EngineID=ccddaddhjelldglcflgceggdhhmdfhn.0&page=Product&fm=15&sm=8&tm=undefined&sku=601875&category_oid=-23920] one tops the list so far

    if you put in a high spec graphics card without a higher power supply the system may run ok, but you'd be incredibly lucky if it does

    most commonly you'll suffer some sort of instability, the computer may behave strangely, crash and lock up at random times, or it may not even boot at all

    when building my media center the computer wouldn't boot, it was because the pci-e graphics (either on board or using a card) needs at least 300w to boot, apparently



    Particularly keep an eye on their deals of the day page!

    Did you buy a graphics card in the end? My Dell arrived today and I want to buy one - looking to spend around £100 ex vat on a PCI card. Any advice?


    Did you buy a graphics card in the end? My Dell arrived today and I want … Did you buy a graphics card in the end? My Dell arrived today and I want to buy one - looking to spend around £100 ex vat on a PCI card. Any advice?

    PCI Or PCI-express?

    Watch out for the power supply: Dell usually use a proprietary design that's not easy to replace with a third-party part. I seem to remember that the 5150 is a BTX-based system, whereas most PSUs are ATX-compatible. Just a word to the wise.

    For a PCI-E graphics card, check out this one at Misco for £53:…htm
    Powercolor X700 EZ 256MB DDR1 PCI-E

    • Plug-in card
    • PCI express
    • 256MB
    • DDR SDRAM 128-bit

    i got the dell 5150 too - what a palava.

    I got a new power supply and a BRAND spankin' new graphics card. Power supply went in no problema, but the ATI Radeon x1900XT did not fit! The slots at the back of the dell just would not accomodate it! I was very upset... :cry:

    Now i have to either sell the whole PC to my sis, or buy a new case and transfer it all into that. Decision, decisions...

    Probably just as well... I'd hate to put a top-end card into a mid-range Dell... Get (or build) yourself a nice Athlon X2 (or Opteron 165/170) system and put the X1900 into that. :P
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