PC Valuation

    Hi all,
    I wanted to post to see if anyone can help me out.
    I think I want to sell my Gaming Rig. But I have no idea how much it's worth..... Specs are as follows:

    Gigabyte 965-DS4 V2.0 Motherboard
    Intel Quad Q6600 CPU
    4GB PC2-5300 RAM (4x 1GB Sticks) OCZ branded
    Nvidia GTX 260 896MB GFX Card
    2x Maxtor SATA 160GB Drives running Windows 7 x64 on RAID 0
    1x Maxtor SATA 160GB for data
    XClio 600Watt PSU

    Think that's all.... want to keep my monitors etc so would just be for the tower...
    Any input from others selling or have already sold would be great!

    thanks all!




    Agree with £250ish.


    remember the fs rules apply to these sorts of thread so cannot be listed on the fs boards for a full 7 days after a mod lock, sorry if you already knew this, or didnt intend to sell here, but saves a suspension if you didnt

    £300-320 imo depending on the condition and the case

    Original Poster

    thanks for all the feedback guys.

    Might be an idea to hit eBay for individual part valuations instead. Might make you some more moneys.

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