My laptop has become very slow, although it is not the best spec laptop (celeron 1.3Ghz, 256 ram), the performance has significately reduced. all i use the laptop is for surfing the net and even this is becomming painfully slow!

    I have AVG anti virus and have ran adware with no success. What else should i try? OR do i need to re install everything- if i do how do i go about doing this as i have never done this before. Any information about how to reinstall or links on how to do this will be appreciated.



    Try and use CCleaner....

    You'll be surprised how it can improve PC/Laptop performance.

    Might be worth it!

    Hope that helps

    Advanced Windows Care Personal is another free one which cna clean up and improve performance quite considerably.

    go to start click on run type msconfig then ok in the box thats has just apeard click the startup tab cycle through and untick the ones you dont use anymore then restart

    i would suggest you read a couple of books or magazines on your operating system, cos lets face it you dont know enough really to be even using it(not a criticism you are not alone.)
    [COLOR="Red"]How many people would buy a car, have no idea about basic maintenance, and then EMail FORD etc when something goes wrong in the hope that FORD will sort it all out.[/COLOR]

    Your computer could well be about to "break down on the motorway on you", heed the warnings before you cant get online and then cant get no help.
    Good luck

    maybe ur downloading sumat from limewire or sumthing, mite b slowing pc down, kmon now, stop downloading porn,

    Try scanning the laptop for viruses and other malware. I recommend Super Anti Spyware for the spyware removal. I would also defrag the laptop if it hasnt been done in a while, if its still slow and nothing seems to work it could be due to some software your using thats eating up all your cpu or ram. You could purchase another stick of ram if your using most of the 256mb. If all else fails reinstall windows.

    You De-Fragged it lately?

    Tommy ...i hope you installed ........AdAware by Lavasoft ......and NOTAdware as Adware is nasty and does the opposite and puts Malware onto your PC which will definately slow it down !

    Correct Version here :…910

    You mention you've got AVG, but do you have a firewall as well? They should be the first line of defense and I'd consider them much more essential than anti-virus. The windows firewall helps but doesn't really count, although I guess you're not running windows XP on that anyway.

    Reinstalling windows cures all ills. Although as you have to delete windows entirely to start with (ideally put it on it's own parition when you reinstall) the first step is to make sure you have absolutely everything you want backed up and the install disks for windows and all your programs.

    For less drastic measures you could try a registry cleaner, I've never noticed a difference using them, but neither have I noticed any difference after CCleaner, AdAware and similar.
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