PC Virus

    Just had an international call advising me that there is a computer virus attacking laptops & pcs in my area, i didnt play along as it sounded very strange...... has anyone else had a call?



    its a scam - numerous posts on here

    Just hang up.

    No one will ever call you about your PC acting up. They may claim to be from Microsoft etc - they're not.

    Ignore it, you can just hire someone to look after your PC with that Nigerian prince money you have coming in.

    Damn i never get any of these ! Im bored , off work atm with broken ribs and could do with a little cheering up. Like the time i had a carpet sales guy asking if i wanted carpets and i wound him up asking if there was a way of getting blood... lots of blood and strange smells out of my existing one mwahhahaha. Or the conservatory guy who i booked to come round to my mates house... 3rd floor flat haha :-) Best one is the electricity suppliers... they dont seem to understand i run my house with 4 Nigerian boys, 4 bicycles and a generator in my basement !

    Oh i love these guys :-)
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    last time they called me i played along, they hung up when i told them i was running fbsd and not windows

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    Thanks for all the advice, i will def ignore them now. thought it was strange someone ringing about a virus, cheerio
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