PC Virus Help!

    I really need help with a Virus that has gotten on to my PC.

    I'm not massively into computers so if anyone can help me. I would need to be told quite simply.

    Firstly when i start the pc it starts running a anti virus program (Security Tool) that i did not install and can not actually be found in teh program files and then a pop up on the task bar keeps coming up 'Security Tool Warning' and that i have to register to something which is deffo a con. But i cant get rid of it.

    It has also affected my desktop which is now completely black.

    Ive had a look round on the net but can't really find a suitable way of getting rid of this virus and the only real way would be to completely reboot my pc to factory setting which is not something i really want to do.

    Can someone please help me!? : (



    most people are asleep so you would fare better by googling your queries

    it might take you 2 mins or 2 hours - long night for you

    can you not try system restore i know i had something like that and it was saying i had to install it or similliar cant remember but i did that and it worked but i havent a clue about pc,s so someone else might know better hope you get it sorted anyway

    ]download malwarebytes. It's free. Run this and it should find the virus and get rid of it. Just do a quick scan at first and if that doesn't work, THEN do a fuller scan. In fact, even if it does work you'll want to do a full scan to be sure. If the virus won't delete, you can try starting your pc in safe mode, this may stop the virus from running whcih would then help you better find and remove it.

    UPDATE: I've done a bit of googling for you and it turns out Malwarebytes anti malware which i suggested is actually something which is recommended to get rid of the Security Tool virus. In your virus scan results, just select all the found viruses and select remove. The one that's specific to you should be Rogue.SecurityTool


    Finally, if you have no current AntiVirus subscription, ]spend £15 on … Finally, if you have no current AntiVirus subscription, ]spend £15 on Kaspersky Internet Security, valid for 12month on up to 3 computers. (FREE if you bank with Barclays Bank!).

    Or just get either ]Avast or] AVG free versions :thumbsup:

    ]Malwarebytes and ]Superantispyware will be your new best friends, both free

    Sounds like you've downloaded many of the fake anti-virus programs going around . There actually 'Ransomware' , they require your credit card details for payment in order to remove the virus's[ which ar'nt really there ]. Fake pop ups keep telling you there is virus's on your Pc , this will eventually slow your pc down . Two of the most efective cleaners around for removal are MalwareBytes & SuperAntiSpyware .
    Sometimes things get so bad ,that the only remidy is a full format and re-install of your OS .So, back up as much of your data as you can , just in case .


    Or just get either ]Avast or] AVG free versions :thumbsup:]Malwarebytes … Or just get either ]Avast or] AVG free versions :thumbsup:]Malwarebytes and ]Superantispyware will be your new best friends, both free

    avoid AVG like the plague, you'll be back to where you started from in no time.
    its utter pants.
    free for a reason-virtually no protection.

    malwarebytes, very good.
    still only offers limited protection.

    a decent internet security will work in real time and stop things infecting your system in the first place.
    a scanner will just detect what might already be there and in a lot of cases the system files have been infected and the damage is done.
    running a scan after the infection is in the system is like locking the door after the burgarlary has happened. they already got what they wanted!
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