PC wont connect to net, even after restore

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Found 1st May 2008
My parents laptop has recently gone a bit strange, and explore.exe wasnt functioning correctly on startup, but was fine if you logged off and back on. However, the wireless internet was continually obtaining IP address. Tried various things but it wouldnt fix. Plugging into the router directly didnt work either.
Did a Dell restore, and solved the explorer.exe issue. However, the net is still not working. Tried wireless, with same problem as previously. Then plugged into router via RJ45, but I didnt get any light flickering at all.
Does this mean bust harware? I did check a couple of things in the hardware, but all said that they were working correctly according to XP.

Any suggestions greatly appreciated

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what do you mean no light flickering at all?, consider powering off the pc then router for a min, switch router back on first by 30secs
there should be several lights on your router either search for the manual of post model number, one will be for wireless bu there will prob be 4 for the diff lan connections, 1 for each port

who is your net provider have you re-installed there software try a re-install for your modem/router

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Sorry, I mean the light by the ethernet port on the laptop does not light up or even flicker when I connect it to the router. Other laptops work fine, such as the 1 that I am using right now.
I understand the basics on PCs, wireless, routers etc, and set up connections for other people. I just cant see what else this can be apart from hardware problems..seeing as it wont connect wired or wirelessly.
Also, when searching wirelessly, it finds the signal 1 minute, but then says no connections can be found the next. Which is the problem I had before the restore too.

it sure sounds like your wifi adapter is on the blink, if u've checked drivers nothings and changed then consider a system restore, just make sure the neighbors haven't just plugged in their new router/cb/videosender and its interfering
When you connect the ethernet port make sure the laptop is shutdown, boot up and watch the led as some are initialized by the windows driver, also check its not "switched off" in the bios


try checking if the lan card is enabled in device manager (rightclick my computer > manage > device manager)

Are you running XP Service Pack 2? If so, theres a bug that causes this (I think) I sorted it for a friend a few months ago - it involved a few command prompts, and thats it I'll try and remember

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Thanks for suggestions..
Brought it to back to my home again, and tried the wired method. Nothing happened. However, wireless is now working for me (perhaps my parents got their network password wrong. That said, it is not doing very much, and although it worked great for 2mins, I can no longer even get any activity, not even google up (although the net is working fine for this laptop).

So the wireless is working (although I guess it could be a temperamental problem?). Will turn off and on, and see if it picks up the router via the cable.
I havent checked if its Service Pack 2, but that shouldnt be the problem, since it was occuring before the restore (when my parents had been getting updates) and also since the restore, which would be from whatever Dell were sending out 18months ago

When you have it plugged in via cable, does windows think the network connection is active or does it show as disconnected?


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Hmm, I think I have success.
I left the cable in from bootup, and the orange light flickered
Logged in, and the PC picked up both the wireless and wired connections. The internet has worked for 10minutes so far with no problems.
However, I find this totally bizarre as I couldnt get anything working at all at my parents. That said, I dont think I had the cable in from bootup, (though that does not explain why the wireless refused to do anything atr my parents.
Will let you all know how I get on. Thanks for the suggestions.

In fact, I will take it back there tomorrow and see if I can get it functioning

I don't have any experience with dell laptops so was the restore something akin to system restore or was it a full format and reinstall?
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