pc wont work on plasma 42"

    Hi i brought a new pc and my old tower i am trying to link it up to my 42" panasonic plasma.Connected it by vga it comes on says 70 hertz then switches to 60 hertz and loads up until the windows sign in screen then the screen flickers purple and just goes blank (black screen).The tower resolution was set to 1680-1050 from my previous monitor.I just connected it back up my monitor and changed the resolution to 1024 - 768 like the panasonic tv has as i thought it might be that but no joy.Any other ideas.Thanks


    your resolution is set too high on your your settings on your tower, i get the same thing with my 42" toshiba hd lcd now im using now, set it to 1280 by 1024 pixels and it will work, although you won't get the full wide screen you prob get about 36" still good tho

    Also when even im using my laptop on lcd when im booting windows up i turn off lcd screen as it will constantly flicker, when your loaded into windows, unplug VGA cable from your tower and re-atach as sometimes its just a simple case, the right click on the desktop and goto screen properties and see if its dectected the lcd.

    Go into advanced properties/monitor on windows and make sure the refresh rate is set to 50/60hz. It's probably set at 75hz and its the tv going into self protect mode. Theres my guess anyway ;-)

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    Thanks guys ill go check those couple of sugestions out be back in 10 mins

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    The monitor was set to 60 hertz didnt have the option to try and lower to 50 hertz.Tried 800 - 600 resolution as well and still the same had the option of 70 or 75 hertz though,do you think its wise to try those or do you think the panny is already struggling with 60?

    Does the panasonic work with any other PC in your house? This will help in your diagnostics. Since one you have a PC that is working then choose a display setting that is common to both of your working PC and your old tower.

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    the new pc only has dvi connection and old only has vga so not sure if would narrow it down.Cannot try the new tower as panny dosent have dvi input.Have also just tried it on 4.3 instead of 16.9 but makes no difference.

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    I have just connected laptop to the tv and clicked external display and that works fine.The laptop switched resolution itself to 800 -600 and 60 herts refesh rate.I have tried the same settings on the tower but dosent work.I give up lol

    It is a wierd one. Are there any special settings on the TV's menu pages?
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