PC Workstation+Storage

    I've looked and still looking at everything but damn, the net is overwhelming, too many choices, so I figured I'd give it a shot here to see if I can narrow it down abit, any help is greatly appreciated.

    Workstation : Specifically for a computer but open storage space is essential. I like to use the most of space so a workstation with an overhead storage capacity is ideal. Problem is I'm really struggling to find anything that fits my needs, I'm very picky. Nearest match is this…esk

    The workstation is for a right hand corner, it doesn't need to be a corner unit as it can run horizontal along a width of 36" max (90cm). A flat top is ideal so i can make use for more storage.

    Price wise, I wouldn't want to go over £100, obviously the cheaper the better and I have access to Quidco and other schemes where applicable as well as your typical offline clubcards.

    What am I looking for exactly?

    -A slimline unity, not something that fits against a wall and sticks out 5 foots taking up tonnes of room.
    -Height! Your basic pc workstation doesn't use much height, so overhanging storage units are ideal, 2+ shelfs over the desk itself works, I consider the one in the pic i showed to have 2 over handing shelves as I could use the very top as one.
    -Colour: Beech or Pine effect or anything in imitation, like the one in pic, nothing oak or dark.
    -Nothing with a solid backing (like the one in the pic), meaning I want to be able to access the wall behind the unit.

    Feel free to ask questions if it help you help me. I know it sounds like I've found something ideal but as I said I'm very picky and want to make sure I'm seeing all my options and get the best price.

    Many thanks (:

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