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Found 8th Mar 2007
Looking to buy a new pc from PC World, anyone got any discount vouchers or codes to help reduce the cost ?
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I wouldn't bother buying a pc form pc world look around you'll get better for less elsewhere
PC World are 5 minutes away from my house, so if anything goes wrong we can take it back easily. So, anyone got any vouchers or codes ?????
I know what your saying but buying online is just as easy.

Have you not thought about a Dell system? You can gt a PC for about £450 from Dell that would porbably cost you £599 or even more in PC world.

If anything goes wrong just call Dell and they will send someone to pick it up, repair/replace and have it back to you within a short period of time.

What can be easier mate?

Oh and sorry I don't know of any codes.

Have you tried the voucher section on here?, there maybe some but as I never use PC World I have no idea mate.
Try this


It's the only PC world voucher I could find...

Try … Try this]http://www.hotukdeals.com/deal/19792/10-off-xbox-360-pc-world-instore-wiIt's the only PC world voucher I could find...

Its a voucher for a discount of an Xbox ! My lovely missus already bought me one of them....awwww
try YAWF07 it MAY give a 5% discount..and don't forget 6% quidco cashback
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