PC World and a returned graphics card

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Found 15th May 2009
I returned a graphics card to PC world today because I thought it was faulty but it's not. I just had a loose RAM stick but the motherboard beep indicated the graphics card wasn't seated properly, so I'm completely innocent. What am I expected to do in this situation, they have my name and address.

I had already tried reseating the RAM and removing everything but the graphics card, RAM and hard drive.

I had to pay an extra £65 towards the 9800GT 512MB RAM card, I handed back a 8800GS I bought in January for £50.


I don't see what the problem is. Your PC wasn't working because it indicated a duff graphics card. You returned it and got a new one. Your PC is now working. They have a card with a reported problem. Okay, they won't be able to reproduce the problem but they can't prove there wasn't one.

Now you have a better card. PC World won't care because they will return the old one to the manufacturer for a refund or a replacement. The old one gets resold as a refurb. The profit from the upgrade easily pays for any losses incurred. Nobody really loses out. Where's the problem?

They gonna send cop_dog round to arrest you,

be prepared.


I would be worried sick...They may send the Army round with a fleet of Helecopters and Tanks. Think of all the money it would have cost them and the neighbours what are they going to say??? I would hate to be in your shoes :whistling:

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Okay so they should be happy I gave them more money, cool I don't feel so bad

They'll it in the store as refurbished, probably
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