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Found 12th Jan 2009
From the reply I got to my customer service enquiry, it seems as if now PC World have hired a bunch of robots to do the customer service!

Dear ,

Thank you for your email dated 08 January 2009.

We are have been experiencing problems with the [email protected] facility on our website and I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. We are working on the problem, which will be rectified shortly. To proceed with your purchase you could visit your local branch, where our Sales Team will be happy to advise you on current stock availability or any suitable alternatives.

With respect to the increase in price, you will need to take this matter up with the store manager as the Customer Service team will not be able to authorise any discount. I would suggest that you call us in 0844 561 0000 to make sure that the stock is available at the Wakefield store as the website is still going through a technical glitch.

Please accept my apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment that you may been caused by this matter.

Yours sincerely,

Zaheer Mohammed
PC World Customer Services

----- Original Message -----
Dear Sir/Madam

In the early hours of 08/01/09 I reserved a Tech Air 10? Netbook Bag With
Worldwide Tracking System (Item 206920) for collection at your Wakefield
store at a price of £14.67. (Reservation code 4833o2h).

I went to collect the item early this evening after making a considerable
detour on my way home from work to visit the store, only to be informed the
store had never had any stock of the item, let alone reserved the item for
me! I can allow the odd mistake from time to time, but imagine my surprise
when I get home later in the evening to discover the item is once again
showing as ?in stock? at the Wakefield store, now at the higher price of

I would appreciate an explanation of the situation and would still like this
item but for my inconvenience I would expect it to be honoured to me at the
previous £14.67 price (or below)

Thank you in advance

Seems a very generic response to my query! I can see nowhere on the PC World website which advises of these 'technical glitches' - and the Collect @ Store system is still online, if it ain't working then take it offline for a bit! Would gain much more respect from me than leaving a broken system up without informing anyone until they trek to a store to find nothing is there!

Sure the store manager would LOVE to agree to the discount - Getting hold of the store manager is a challenge to begin with...

I give up!


I rang them with all the details of the wireless home security system as the website was playing up, they told me the item did not exist and the no. I quoted was wrong, took said number into store and tracked the items for a 20 mile radius.The customer disservice even said are you sure you want P.C WORLD??

wouldnt trust any ad from pc world - would have to see it in store -

see this from bitter wallet

PC World in dire need of TechGuys as websites goes offline
By Paul Smith

They’re not having a great time over at DSG International, are they? The company is predicting significant losses from Christmas trading, reeling from significant redundancies and still mopping up customer service problems. And now the parent company of Currys and PC World has lost nearly a full day’s online trading - both pcworld.co.uk and dixons.co.uk have been offline since yesterday:

picture-111 PC World in dire need of TechGuys as websites goes offline

According to The Register, DSGI is claiming routine maintenance that began last night caused issues requiring “a few more hours work” to fix. If only there was a bountiful supply of IT specialists and technical engineers within the company to hel-

yeah i have read it too in bitter wallet. pc world has cut some major jobs in costumer service and they cant afford to actually have any costumer service anymore. good luck

no wonder the are going to go bankrupt

theyv always had poor technolgy

selling computers they should atleast have a uptodate website
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