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Just a thouht but does anyone have any idea if pc world would do a price match on the morrisons deal - i.e. super smash bros brawl and mario kart on the Wii for £15 each.

Doubt it!!!!


i was told that today but not sure i presume if its in stock and there price match state morrisons shouldnt be an issue but morrisons website dont seem to have the offer on there site

PCworld will only price match on regular prices not special offers

i think they have a list of specific retailers. Tesco yes but not morrisons.

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thought it was worth a shot but didnt think they would do it lol

Yeh they should price match no probs.

Its not a 'special offer' as such, as they don't have price reduction stickers on them etc, its the current price at which Morrisons are selling them.. however i called my local Pc World and they basically told me to go forth and multiply..( as i cant prove the offer and they didn't believe that any company would sell these games so cheap ..fools!) :x

I just phoned PC World, and they won't do it.

Glasgow Braehead price matched today - got my Wii title for £15.. I wasn't going to push my luck by asking them to beat the price :-)


Went to PC World, Croydon today to price match some memory cards, the 2gb ultra 2 have gone down to 4.99 on play.com.
PC world wouldnt do it, they have taken down all their price match banners and there new ones state specifically the stores they price match. I thought the guy was having it on, and I would try in my home store of Oxford.
But just checked the website and seems the same policy there. So have they officially changed this or has it always been like this and its just a case of if you get away with it or not?
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