PC World Price Match Change?

Found 19th Oct 2008
On PC World's website, eBuyer, Amazon etc are no longer listed.

When googled, in the cache for 17th October, it says Amazon and such. However, as of yesterday, it doesn't.

Does anyone know anything about this and also, has anyone tried to price match with Amazon or such any time yesterday or today and thus know if they still accept it or not?

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Yes.......they no longer price match them.

Also, apparently they no longer price match in-store.............only over the phone.
That sucks, wanted to buy something from them through Amazon.

Ah well, will stick with Amazon then!
Rather glad retailers who are setting their prices low to start with will be getting slightly more custom again - as opposed to PC World who will take advantage at every opportunity.

Do currys still price match with amazon?

Do currys still price match with amazon?

Not according to their website tonight currys.co.uk/mar…ise

Currys, PC world and Comet are all part of the same family
Currys and PC World are both part of the Dixon Group.

Comet have no connection.
I stand corrected
yeh they just told me instore no longer price match amazon
I just tried and bought something yesterday with PC World price matching with Amazon :-).

From £229.99 to £167.70, score!
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