PC World - Price Match hell :( Blood out of stone more like!

Normally, I have no problems with my local branch and usually collect at store. However, I've not been in there for a couple of months and boy what has happened.
I thought I would try the 110% price match as I wanted to get WII play. PC World price £34.99, Play £27.99!

Went to the chap at the till and enquired about the price match. Said that I needed to go over there (pointing to the Tech guys desk that is always under staffed) and talk to him. before I even had chance to ask another quick question he went straight back on the net, via his till, looking at COD4 on some website. I just stood there open mouthed at the sheer disgust and looked round to see other staff just, well doing nothing! As I was running out of time and seeing the poor chap in the tech guy area was busy I walked out.

Well, glutton for punishment, I tried again, this armed with a print out I went back in.
This time different face on the till, so tried with him and see what he did. This more promising, went out of his way to help. WII play was not on the shelf but he checked and noted that there was two in stock. Went to the manager and he said "we do not match websites anymore. Company policy." I'm sorry but your website does say play as a match. when did this change? "Oh... a couple of days ago." I called it quits and went home,
I phoned PC World. First stop CS. She was as helpful as a chocolate tea pot. I told her everything that had happened, and at no point was I rude or unhelpful as I know too well what the CS people can go through, she I can only apologise and pass me through to sales. I did say what about my complaint for which she said I could log it for you. Could? Oh really helpful. Decided I would try once more and get WII play. Put through to sales, went through all the hoops, put on hold etc.. and then the bomb shell... yep we will match but you must pay our P&P at £4.99
After nearly fainting I asked about collect at store... put on hold again and he came back with oh the stores do not price match sites! What, I'm sorry does that mean I can collect at store? I will ask, just put you on hold....! Nope don't worry, I'll go elsewhere, you obviously do not want my money.

I'm sorry for the rant but I just had to tell you of the time spent in getting nothing! False advertising and sales staff not intrested in... well sales!
In the end, I bought from shopto.net at £26.95 (£27.95 + £1.00 voucher) knowing that they are very helpful and free next day delivery.

I have to ask though, has this heppened to you or did you strike lucky?



Somebody who works for PC World warned us of change on this thread, where you can find extra info


I don't even bother doing PCW price match, seems too much hassle.

Similar experience. I was told at the Portsmouth store that they no longer match Play as items are not actually dispatched by Play. Told them this was simply incorrect - PlayTrade is different but they refused to Price Match as it would mean they made a loss. Just bought from Play.
Why have a policy if you won't honour it? (Even if we do take the P155!)

Their website still mentions Play...


This price promise applies to:Argos, Comet, Jessops, Tesco, John Lewis, … This price promise applies to:Argos, Comet, Jessops, Tesco, John Lewis, Asda, B&Q, Game Gamestation, Halfords, HMV, Maplin, Play*, Staples, Toys R Us, Virgin, Woolworths.(* Excludes Televisions)

I only ever tried this once, and got a hrad drive knocked down by about £35. The chap who dealt with me was really corteous and I was in and out in five minutes.

Having worked in retail for a long time, I do get annoyed when people lump ALL staff together as unhelpful. In many cases it's down to poor training on the part of the company.

DSG is a disgrace, i specifically boycott them now. I liked being able to pick up stuff the same day, but to quote the OP it was like drawing blood from a stone, now I would rather reward a company thats willingly and actively creating a buyont competitive market by reducing prices through initiative, rather than one where a customer has to do the running about and get them to enforce their own company policy that is nothing but store propaganda. I think everyone should follow suit. The 10% extra and the ability to pick up in store (if your lucky) isn't worth it. Reward companies that deserve your money. Totally agree about customer service though. Its disgusting and woefully under trained. People should wake up, extortionately expensive price fixing cartels, woefully unhelpful and untrained staff have no place in 21st century where choice is rife, especially in a credit cruch climate. Vote with your wallet, not on a internet forum.
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