PC World Sale - no pre warning list?


We usually have a list of what's reduced and what's not before the PC World sale. Not seen anything this year? Is that because there isn't much going, or do we just not have the source this year?

Still trying to weigh up going or not tomorrow morning, got some good things last year (TomTom Sat Nav £50) but would like to know what to look for!


Gonna go have a look ...... maybe they silenced all the staff with bonuses :w00t:

I agree. Not heard anything. Going out early for papers to check for ad before store opens. I was in on Christmas Eve and member of staff said good discounts on TV's but no specific prices.

The good clearance stuff (i.e. the non-advertised HUKD stuff) has been pretty rubbish this year tbh.

I wouldn't bother. Last Boxing Day I went to 2 PC World Stores and got there early ... i.e. while it was dark and there was sweet Football Association worth buying. They did have stuff behind the counter 'reserved' as soon as I arrived.

I'm not gonna fall for that one one again.

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More staff than customers in the shop. Asked about 6/7 times in the 10 minutes I was in there if I wanted any help.

Nothing decent for me. Had the Dell Minis in stock on display but not for me!
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