PC world Website click and collect service(Waste of time!!!)

Found 4th Jan 2008
It is clear that PC World seem to use regular items on it's website at bargain prices that have no availability anywhere.I reserved a weather station at the lakeside branch (the only available in the south)Geuss what they rang to say they don't have any .Here is the bog standard reply from the customer services department!

Thank you for your email of 01 January 2008.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the inconvenience that you may have experienced on this occasion. PC World aims to ensure that stock is available in our retail stores, however on occasion stock discrepancies can occur and due to this stock availability cannot always be ensured.

Thank you for taking the time and trouble to draw these matters to our attention. Please be assured that we are constantly seeking ways to improve the service that we deliver.

Yours sincerely,

Wee Soing Fam
PC World Customer Services
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When I went to pick up both weather stations that I reserved they were still trying to find them and this was a day later!
Fortunately they found them :whistling:
Cant make allowances for shoplifters!
i agree can never get any bargains anywhere in country - buoycott their site
Hey! At least you got an email, most stores just let you waste your time driving there to be told they have noe/can't be bothered to find them.
all items ending in 97p are phantom items, they dont exist.
Get an ALDI one when they start selling them again, they,re cheap and look far superior!!!
I reserved Football Manager 2008 when it was £5, I went down to PC World only to be told that my copies had been 'stolen' and that I wouldn't be allowed to pick the games up any other day.
Manager refused to sell me the Xbox 360 I reserved over the phone last weekend and was very rude, wasted 30 mile trip - rubbish service so certainly won't be using it again. That said, their online service is equally as poor as I went home and re-ordered said item for home delivery the same day (sunday) told it would be delivered by today - postman had something for me this morning from PC world....order confirmation stating 7 - 10 working days delivery! they had the wrong email copied down for me so I missed the first two emails, got them to change it but not had the 3rd yet which confirms despatch so no idea if or when I will get the item which is very frustrating, though they took money from my account the day I ordered. On top of all that, my invoice was for almost £2500 - expensive xbox! fortunately they charged the correct amount to my card.
wish id read this earlier today, i reserved a xbox 360 wireless adapter my son wanted at pc world teeside park aswell went to pick it up today, waited an hour with 2 kids was told they had 6 iand 1 reserved for me in store but they cant find any of them, said i wanted to speak to the manager about this.. the lad said he would go next store to currys to see if they had any instock as they all one company and his computer said they also had 4 in stock....but he returned said they cant find any either.....complete wasted my time and my 40 mile journey,,, nearby shop - COMET TO THE RESURE.. THEY DONE A PRICE MATCH PLUS 10% OFF the lady was very helpfull so i got it for 48.99 instead of 59.00 and have a happy son now.
When i ordered a game from PC World before i found them most helpful on the phone. Although it was out of stock in my local store they offered to send one from a different store via their internal mail the same day. Collected it no probs.
haven't had problems with pc world, but currys i have, but they told me showing instock on their pc, but they didnt have any, so they gave me an alternative for the same price, alas i got a better deal, so they were helpful. think it depends on the manager!
Reserved headphones on multiple occasions as I wanted two sets.. one for backup..

Went there only to wait for them to find them and to be told that they've got none..

Once i was lucky, they found different colour headphones so I thought rather take it..

And never use their reserve n collect thing again!
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