Found 26th Dec 2010
Just been on the PC World site before midnight.
Popped back on there and it was down.

Just a heads up to people to keep an eye on it .. they are known to do limited sales and good ones!

First post .. thought you should all be aware.

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seems o have gone again-can`t get on it
still can't get on myself
Comet is the same.Was put in a queue.

They are very busy.
Mann they will loose alot of money for that.. Comet are much smarter they've put a 30 second refresh on their site to continue to let consumers browse and buy..
Very poor, site down most of day ! Must have lost lots of sales, about right for this lot
dixons still not working...really wanted to buy samsung tv
been checking dixon website EVERY HOUR been down all day. these as s holes dont deserve our custom. all other websites are managing to cope to some extent but not dixons
Dixons still down and it is now 27th! Currys also v. slow and then stop....Comet, was put in a queue but site v. slow when I got through. Decided I can live without a freezer...going to pour a glass of wine and try and breathe! Good luck.
pc world still down, been trying to get on all day and keeps saying site busy come back later
No surprise, the DSG Group (Dixons, PCWorld, Currys) are useless most of the time when you shop in store, I'm not surprised the site is down, more annoyed as I wanted to order something. Will go to ebuyer.
Been trying to get on Dixons website all day for a washer - came up on a price comparison website last week but cannot get it ordered!!!
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