PCI Express power converter 6pin to 8pin bad idea?

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Found 6th Sep 2009
My cousin has bought a Sapphire 4850 X2 which requires 6pin & 8pin PCI Express power adaptors.

He has a Dell XPS 420 with a 425w power supply which has two 6pin connectors. Now I've seen you can get 6pin to 8pin converters but is this bad idea or should I look into replacing the PSU bearing in mind this is a Dell. I heard Dell quotes its PSU based on sustained power and not peak. So a rumour has it a 425 equates to about 550-600w.

Thoughts, suggestions and laughter welcome..


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What PSU does the card recommend?

650w.... so having done more reading I've ordered one an Antec PSU

I just cut a spare six pin connectors down to make a 2 pin connector and put 2 of the ground pins in the two holes. Works on a gtx 285 and a 500 watt power supply. You could also plug the 6 pin supply into the 8 pin socket, although, it may not work as it will be drawing less power than using the correct lead but it won't harm it if it does.]here's the pin out details
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