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    Hi all,

    A wee :?: hoping someone can put my mind at ease...

    I've got an outstanding order with this company from their website Got an instant email reply to the order 14 days ago but no delivery date was given.

    No answer to my email last week asking for an update 7 days after the order. Their contact page said then that their telephone service is temporarily out of order (it still is today) as I would have rung them if I could. I'm getting that sinking feeling that it's been that way for a lot longer.

    They give an alternative number for calls but when you ring it, it is an extension. Sounds odd to me - a landline number that is an extension? All you then get is an automatic answer machine box that won't take any more messages because the inbox is full.

    Has anybody had dealings with this company before? Am I likely going to have trouble getting my £40 back? There is a listing for them in "filter deals" on the homepage but when I clicked, there was nothing there.


    I posted a deal for them a wee while ago... Turned out to be a really really bad company :oops: They advertised official xbox 360 remotes & sent out cr*ppy venom/joytech ones ones... They posted on here saying there was a mistake instead of emailing everyone separately... Everyone got their pishy remotes but they took a good while to be delivered...

    It sounds like they've become even worse though... If you don't hear anything back from them in the next week I'd start thinking about calling your bank & getting them to do a chargeback so you get your money back...

    Original Poster

    Thanks for the advice sadiebabes. I kinda thought my sinking feeling was right. :-(

    What's a chargeback though? I've not done one before. I used my credit card.

    I'll send them a polite but very firm letter and give them 10 days to deliver the thing. That way if I have to start taking it further then they can't yelp that I didn't give them fair warning.

    I think that's probably the best thing to do (Very fair of you too!)

    A chargeback's where the bank recall your payment for you when you've purchased by credit/debit card etc... Just give them a wee phone & explain what's happened & they should be able to recall the payment & the money should be back in your account the next working day Good luck xx

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    I phoned the credit card folks and they were very helpful and posted me out a form and asked for copies of the letter and anything else relevant that I had.

    I sent the letter Recorded Delivery to pciexpress at the address on the website. It arrived the next day but you'll not be surprised to learn that there was nobody there to receive it. The postie left a card and as of tonight (the deadline) the letter has not been picked up! And the item has not been delivered either.

    Their telephone numbers are still not available online and the number they do give still performs the same cr*p that I got when I tried before.

    This lot are an absolute waste of time and if anybody is thinking of giving them their custom - don't
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