PCI Firewire Card


    I'm looking for a good priced PCI Firewire Card for my desktop PC



    i used ]cableuniverse a couple of weeks ago to buy a firewire card for my pc it also came with the correct cable i needed for my camcorder so was a grood deal total price of approx £11.95 dixons wanted £30 just for the card and £20 for the cable :thumbsup:

    (showing out of stock at the minute but still a good price and works great for what i need next one up is £18.95)

    I've got a combo USB/Firewire card I took out of an old PC lying around gathering dust. 5 x USB + 3 x Firewire (1 of each internal). If you are interested let me know (PM) and I'll stick it up on the for sale board.

    if you dont want kingy58 's card i have one you can have if you cover postage and give a few quid to Gt Ormonds St. - I dont have a driver disk for it but i think it might be plug & play / generic...
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