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Found 6th Dec 2007
Looking to pick up a PCI Graphics Card (not PCI-E) at a reasonable price - around £50-100.

It will be upgrading someone from onboard Graphics so anything will be an improvement.

Advice and recommendations welcome.



PCI graphics cards started going the way of the dodo back when shell suits were fashionable and before on-board graphics really came to the fore, are you really sure that's what you need or do you need an AGP card?

If you're sure PCI is what you need then I guess something like a Matrox G400 is the best you'll get, which depending on the onboard solution may not be an upgrade at all, I suggest eBay might be your best bet. Although that said I think NVIDIA did do some of their 5200's in PCI form, but again depending what the onboard is they may not be worth it as they weren't the best cards when they were new which was nearly 5yrs ago now.

EDIT: Looks like they did the 5500's too: ]http//ww…874

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No, it's only got PCI for sure.

It's a cheap budget PC from Medion and they don't want to be able to play the best of the best, they just want an improvement on what they got.

I might go for this:

If you got £100, would you not be better upgrading the motherboard to support either AGP or PCI-e cards. You could get a pretty decent card and mobo for £100. How olds the PC, do you know what type of RAM and what processor is in it?
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