PCI Tuner Card Recommendation

    My son has a PC (tower) in his room and a (second hand) 23in monitor. Instead of buying him a TV as well, can anyone recommend a PCI TV Tuner card so that he can watch Freeview on the computer? We're having a TV aerial socket put into his bedroom but space is limited and it would be easier to use his PC as the monitor is already wall mounted.

    Can anyone suggest a solution for Freeview on his PC?





    TV = 50 watts
    computer = 170-230 watts

    you decide

    Another option is to sell the monitor, and get a tv with freeview on and have the pc connected too it

    Tv is cheaper lol

    i bought 4 x TV Tuner ATMT Digistick DVB-T, for the kids pcs/lappys for a lil xmas pressy, they are perfect, even let ya record
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