Right lets me explain what i have and what i wanna achieve n see if any f you can help me. I have a Desktop PC with an WD External HD, Laptop and Xbox360. Right what i wanna do is....

    Setup my PC to be my mediaserver which will hold all my movies, music pictures etc, now i wanna be able to access these from my lapop and stream to my xbox. Will i have to install mediacentre or something? I like the itunes layout for the album art scrollin and choosing albums. Can i stream Blueray rips to my xbox?

    The xbox is connected to the router via network cable, and the pc and laptop are both wireless but the pc can also be hardwired if this helps.

    Can anyone tell me best way to go about all this, what software i need etc

    Thanks in advance


    I installed this on my laptop and use it to stream directly to my xbox 360 it is fantastic…ad/

    Windows media player will stream to xbox 360 fine on its own. Just allow it to share with it,
    Bluray stream to xbox is not possible yet as it doesnt have the correct codecs.
    As for the laptop, Setup a small home network and share the external drive, then use whatever program you wanna use and tell it to look at that mapped drive for the media.
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