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Posted 7th May 2018
Looking for good PCP deals on VW Golfs or Audi A3’s. 10k mileage roughly

Is there a website most people use?
Do main dealers give out good deals or best to stick to online deals?

I’m not too fussed about owning a brand new car, is there an advantage to buying a car on PCP that’s a year old?

I know there is a lot of eye ball rolling when it comes to this topic, “does it come with a driver”, I’m genuinely interested and plan to buy at the weekend, all opinions are appreciated.

So far I’ve read if the total amount paid is less then 25% of the initial car value, then it’s a good deal?
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Most dealers charge interest on the PCP which can make it expensive unless you get a significant discount on the cash price. Taking one that they already have in stock within the dealership normally means you get a better price but not always.

Check out carwow so you get an idea of the expected cash price/PCP price so you know if your offered a reasonable deal.

I’ve not heard of any well known places that offer PCP on older vehicles, it’s normally new vehicles. It’s also worth being aware that the tax has changed (emissions based) so you will likely end up paying more road tax.
go have a look at the advice on honestjohn.co.uk
Drive the Deal is your best bet if buying new. You'll get the promotional rate of interest from the manufacturer, plus deposit contribution and further dealer discount. Some dealers will match, or even beat Drive The Deal, but not by much.

VW dealers do also offer PCP on used cars, although the discounts are less generous, and the interest rate tends to be higher.

Halifax also offer a PCP type finance product if you find a competitively priced used car.
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