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Found 21st Nov 2017
Please can anyone point me in the right direction to get pcp finance for a car purchase, dealers is not a option long story... thanks
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What about a loan from the likes of sainsbury's with a good rate, then you can use the money to as a cash sale to try get a discount on your new car purchase, I myself over the years have had a few cars averaging £20,000 including an octavia vrs, but my last car purchase was £5995 dacia sandero that I could afford cash, it is nice not having a noose round my neck that comes with a debt. I am actually enjoying driving the dacia as it is the first car that I know is mine and nobody can take from me, and if my boss pee's me off I don't have to put up with it in fear I need that pay packet to pay a debt. The cars has no bells and whistles but I actually now love the back to basics, not much to go wrong and it does what ut says on the tin.
You could get maybe a nice bmw on pc costing you several thousand over the 7 years you are usually also restricted to low miles of about 8000 miles per year, and you hand it back with nothing to show for your money, or for less you could buy the dacia, not be restricted to miles per year and it's yours to keep.

One of my colleagues took the p### when I first got the car giving it all the old lada jokes. Then one freezing morning after a night shift his vauxhall Astra failed to start, I jumped in my dacia with a few work colleague's and was away. He had to wait in the cold for the rac. I never heard any more lada jokes after that.
At the end of the term what do you want to do with the car?
I have my car seat leon fr on pcp (4 years) i went through dealer though. Maybe you could contact a car finance company like motonova, vw finance?
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