Pc's for gaming?

    Hi guys, would just like to start off a topic on PC Gaming, nowadays what do people play on? like just to run decent games like Cod Black Ops, Mod 2, Cod 4 etc...
    how much money would you spend on a gaming pc for multimedia e.g. Itunes, good Cod 4/Minecraft smooth running, after effects and photoshop etc...
    and what specs should you have, as I dont want to spend much on a system that have specs I wouldnt really need to use and require? if you know what I mean, currently saw an i5 gaming PC for around 600 with windows 7 has a decent graphics card? or is that too budget or expensive? haveent got any clue what so ever


    I never liked Black Ops & the game just sits at my PC.
    I loved GTA4 & can't wait for the next one to come out.
    I only ever play Left4Dead 2.

    I've been looking at gaming PCs on ebay then cross checking the price of individual components on ebay, scan, ebuyer, amazon etc...

    For example, item 200569854303 on ebay could be built for about £2500 if you buy everything individually £2200 less than the ebay selling price.

    If you're comfortable building your own pc it might be worth searching for "i5 gaming" on ebay and looking what's available for £600 - £1000 then see if you can build it for less.

    Over £4K for a gaming PC lol, no way, just get any normal pc with a half decent i processor in it, then bung in a good psu and gpu and your sorted.
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