PCW stock system

    Is there any way an outsider can access the PCW stock lists?
    I don't mean the normal web access showing their current products, but their internal stock list of products which may not be listed on their general website.
    Staff regularly access this instore by typing their password into a website.
    I would like to know as I am trying to track down an item which , although not shown on their website, is actually held in some stores.

    Thanks if anyone can help.


    Yes and no.

    Staff don't log into a website - they log in to an appliation (Eclipse) which connects to an SQL database.

    There is a website which shows product details, but you can only connect via IP and only from an internal DSGi system. This does not show stock lists.

    The only way you'll do what you want is by calling the stores - you can't access anything from outside.

    Can I ask what the item is?

    Original Poster

    It's a 26" samsung lcd tv, which has been discontinued.
    The model is : LE26A456C.
    Some stores still have pristine stock.

    Sure would appreciate if you could find me one:roll:

    Call your local store, but have fun - this stock is used in WNR (Refurbished) stores as part of their wall displays and *should* of been written off, but some... less active stores haven't bothered.

    One of the nearby stores has 2 pristine and 16 non-pristine, all used on the wall, and all should of been written off...

    If you call your local store they can check the stores nearby for you in seconds - checking the whole of the UK is only a 3 minute job.
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