PCWorld card payment - Charged Twice !

    I've ordered a monitor and a wireless mouse from The total amount was 178.18. My order was on the 6th Feb and it appears on my online bank statement on the 9th Feb an amount of 178.18 debited. however I've seen the SAME amount deducted from my available balance. Called up my bank and they said this is an authorization for PcWorld. Called up Pcworld and they said they only charged once.
    I'm really confused now and waiting for the second 178.18 to appear on my statement.
    Does any one have such problem before ? Does the money automatically go back to my bank after a while ?
    Thanks !


    well they gotta make money before they go bust...LOL

    When did it show on your cleared balance and has it now disappeared from that? Sometimes, payments show on the cleared balance and are shown as being debited from your bank, however it doesn't clear the bank until the next day. If that makes sense, there's a sort of timing delay. If I were you I would print off an up to date statement from the bank. Bear in mind that switch cards etc take 3 working days to clear but I would give it a good week to make sure that it doesn't appear.

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    Thanks Sue, it does now come back to my available balance. I just wonder if I was gonna buy something for 1000 quids and my balance is 1001 quids, should this thing happen and how does it happen ?
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