PCworld Insurance or AppleCare?

Found 10th Dec 2009
When I bought my macbook today, I signed up to a free months trial of the insurance..
On my last laptop I had pcworld insurance and it proved worthwhile..
Any body got any opinions?
I know that pcworld insurance covers accidental damage doesnt it , e.g caused by myself!
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I love my pcworld insurance, I honestly couldn't manage without it, I reckon you'll be lucky to find one as good, especially with them covering accidental damage too.

I've dropped mine a few times and the HD has needed replaced, picked up and brought back like brand new for £8.99 a month is great.

Just bought another lappy from currys and took the tech guys insurance again so now have 2 with them lol.
I can only speak of praise for Apple as I've had great service with them for my iPhone.

I'd say go with the Apple warranty if you feel you need one - store.apple.com/uk/…M/A - £195 for three years and that works out at £5.42 a month I believe.
I think you need to consider some more general points;

- PCworld specialises in PCs
- Assuming your past experience was insurance for your PC laptop, how can you be so sure you will recieve the same result now you own a Macbook, an entirely different laptop.
- In the simplest of ways, wouldn't you rather have the manufacturer of the product tinker with it then some numpty in PCworld? I know that you have to have much higher qualifications and experience in order to be employed as a techy at Apple.

Side points I would also like to mention;

- You do realise that your entilted to 1 years warrenty by law? either insurance would effectively be charging you for a service that is already being provided for free. You have 1 year to decide what insurance you need.

- AppleCare is worldwide, I don't think PCworld Insurance is.

- Did you purchase your macbook by credit card? if so, check out your credit card's conditions, I found that my credit card actually doubles the warrenty issued by companies on the products I buy using my credit card, thus giving you 2 years free warrenty. This would save you around £140.

I could think up some more points but I'm super tired! Hope I helped!
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