PCWorld - No more pricematch fun

    Hey peeps. PCWorld have changed their Ts & C's. They no longer pricematch play, dabs, ebuyer, amazon ...
    I.E. anyone who is cheeper than they are
    So no more pricematch fun for me . Boo !…ise



    BOOOOO!!! No more shopping at PC World then!

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    No, they still DO pricematching, just with stores like halfords, which let's face it, aren't gonna be cheeper for that TFT you wanted

    This price promise applies to:
    Argos, Comet, Jessops, Tesco, John Lewis, Asda, B&Q, Game Gamestation, Halfords, HMV, Maplin, Staples, Toys R Us, Zavvi, Woolworths.

    PC World are SOOOOOOO confident their prices are competitive they have reduced the number of stores they are willing to price match.

    PC World really are a bunch of stinkers imo.


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    Im gonna miss the little squirmy dance they did when they tried to get out of a pricematch, was allways a fun way to spend a lunchbreak. .

    Well, at least it will cut down the amount of deals posted where it is exactly the same as another deal apart from the added words:

    "With PC World pricematch".
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