PDA connecting to PC probelms!!

    Hi guys, just need some help with my PDA. Bought it on ebay and it came with no cd installer. So i downloaded the software i think i need, but heres the hardware etc.

    Sony Clie PEG-T625c
    I have a pc sync cradle etc, and i have installed palm desktop 4.1 with hotsync, ive tried the settings but no luck in connecting to my PC. The pDA works fine and the cradle charges my PDA fine. Im 90% sure its a setting or a program missing. or if i need to have drivers etc. ive searched the net and all i have found is pretty much what ive tried already. With no luck. im hoping someone on here has the same model, or had the same trouble and remembers how they fixed

    Any help would be extremely appreciated, as ive not been able to laod the sat nav on

    Thanks in advance

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