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    Hi i'm looking for a pda style phone but would really like to find the cheapest and best around please help


    How much of a PDA do you need it to be? Does it need to have a really big screen and stylus? Why I'm asking is because you can get the SVP C500 that is a Windows smartphone but it's really slim and small (almost smaller than a T610) yet it has all the bells and whistles of a smartphone as well as a mini-SD slot so you can have up to 512mb memory! Now the best part maybe is that it is very reasonably priced with some good offers on from the networks (like 10 months free line rental).

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    Well i was really looking fr som,ething like the Sony Ericsson p800 or p900 but if you could give me a link so i can look at it that may be the one i'm looking for

    Hmmm well the P900 is a very different beast as it runs the Palm OS software not Windows and it allows stylus based entry on the touch screen. The C500 doesn't have a touch screen but it's also way smaller than the p900. That's why I was wondering what you want to use if for...

    Here's a review and a link: Orange page | Review

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    HI i need it for email on the move which is why i was think of a touch screen with stylus because my fingers get sore from all the text style input

    Oh okay. You're probably better off with a Blackberry or a Treo then as they are both really good for email. I'll post back with some links...

    Can't provide a link to a cheap deal as I got mine as a free upgrade from orange but can recommend the Orange SPV 2000
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