PDA not more than £100

    Can anyone recomend a PDA for less than £100?


    Probably better off getting a PDA phone on contract or PAYG. The backside fell out of the PDA market some time ago ao not many manufacturers make em. This is due to rise of the PDA Phone. Something like the ]SPV E610 from Orange for £99 might be good.

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    Thanks a lot Gazbert

    But what would be the advice if without a contract?

    Not paying attention are we? Click the link. It's on PAYG.

    all the pda/phones now are poxy 2.8" screens (no good for the half blind like me lol), and/or those silly mini keyboards which ain't any good for my big clumsy mitts either.
    I mean it's touch screen ferchrissakes wth you need a keypad for? /rant over, pass me my xda11
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