PDA phone

    any one have any ideas on which is the best kind to get, I've no idea about these so any help would be appreciated, husband mentioned Blackberry but looking to spend as little as poss, under £150,

    Might be impossibe. thanks
    xx fizzie xx


    need to get a contract with it, as it's a phone, so will cost more than £150 over the year. One with GPS would be handy (for satnav), and definitely don't buy without Windows Mobile 6.

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    can you get pay as you go deals, for hubby to store all his football info on such as pages of names and numbers, he's started using the Palm Zire 31 i got last year to store bits on but still has to use his phone seperate (old nokia 6310i) just wanted something that is combined for ease of use.
    thanks dudedude for your info xxx

    not really, and if you need internet (whcih I thought you would, otherwise, get a non-phone PDA), it's expensive on PAYG.

    Have a look at ebay, for phones without contracts.

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    any idea on what kind to look for, sorry I'm blonde

    This hp device is a new smart phone runing windows mobile 6. It doesnt have a touch screen but it does everything else.

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