Hi all

    I'm looking for a PDA with built-in SatNav. I'm looking at spending less than £150.

    I've been looking at the Acer N35, but after reading some of the reviews I think I might go with something else.

    Any ideas what to be going for?


    try looking at the HTC...
    if you have a phone contract coming up for renewal, then it would be well worth making most use of that opurtunity and getting an HTC with built in GPS and PDA and phone functionality for less then teh budget you have fixed.

    (my fav is the HTC TyTN PDA due to the keyboard)

    If you think you may like a holiday in Jersey, Guernsey, in fact any of the Channel Islands, or the Isle of Man, do check you're NOT getting a device based on TeleAtlas mapping.

    According to TeleAtlas, these places just don't exist.:w00t:

    Very useful - Not

    I have a Garmin StreetPilot 510T (Includes a Traffic Information receiver with a lifetime subscription), which is a little long in the tooth, but an excellent device and it is based on Navteq mapping.

    The traffic info is moderately useful, but either the receiver is a little deaf or the transmitter coverage isn't that good and I sometimes go for ages without receiving a traffic update.

    the garmin isn't a pda... isit ?

    Nope, but the caveat about software map coverage is still valid

    I heard lots of bad reports about the Acer N35 but my Navman PIN570 is based on the same model. I bought it from Halfords in Jan 07 for £99 and it is absolutely fantastic. It comes with Smart ST satnav software but I also put TomTom6 with UK & WE map on the same SD card and now have the choice of both . TT is simply the best ,theres also loads of software for these things , I can play mp3's , videos ,view photos ,etc on mine and with the help of a SDIO wi-fi card I get the internet. They run on WM2003 , battery power in the field is about 4 hours [most are ] if you leave the battery to drain you will lose your programs [simply re-installed] ,so just charge once a week and it's OK .I bought a solar charger for mine so there's no probs .Any more advice ,just ask .
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