A pastor was paying a visit to an elderly lady in her home when her phone rang and she went into the next room to answer it. As he was sitting there he noticed a glass candy dish full of roasted peanuts, and he ate a couple of them.

    The lady stayed in the phone quite awhile, so the pastor grapped a handful, thinking that she wouldn't notice. They were so good that he couldn't stop eating them, and when she finally finished her phone conversation he had eaten the entire dish of them.

    When the elderly returned to the room, the pastor embarassingly explained that he liked roasted peanut so well that he couldn't stop eating them and he had eaten the whole dish full before he realized it.

    After he finished his apology, the lady chuckled and said "That's ok, my jaws are so weak nowadays that it's all I can do to suck the chocolate off of them.


    The oldies are the goodies. And not just the jokes. :thumbsup:

    ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lol x x
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