Found 26th Sep 2016
Hi guys, looking for a bit of advice.

Bought a pebble watch as a gift in December as new from an eBay seller paid via Paypal

It's now become faulty due to the buttons being unresponsive. We contacted pebble who after many emails back and forth asking for pictures etc said that the warranty isn't valid due to it only being valid if sold through an official reseller.

Is there anything I can do? It's pretty poo, the watch was great till then but this has really been disappointing.


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Doubt it since the pebble was not bought from an authorised dealer.

Opened it up and see if there is anything obvious since you have nothing to loose.
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Not much you can do.

if you ebay seller was a business seller as opposed to a private sale then there is a slim chance that you may be able to do something about this. Sold as new? Were any defects specifically mentioned? You have nothing to lose by contacting the seller and then ebay/pay pal. BTW - nothing whatsoever to do with pebble - your contract was with the seller.

You are passed the six months that would allow you and the seller to presume it is a inherent fault. You will not get much help after six months from a ebay seller, unless they are the exception.
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