pedigree dogs?

    did anyone what that program think it was on bbc1 or 2, im still so mad, can't believe it was thinking about getting a king charles spaniel but no a chance now, im outraged and i can't believe the kennle club letting these dog win best of breed when they have these serious illnesses esp the king charles with brains too big for there skulls, even tho when the win there going to be bread more so the problem is even worse, i thought i was getting a good dog with my dalmatian as she has good lines and was kennel club registered i even paid alot for her, hope she doesnt end up with problems because of these stupid breeders trying to get the dogs registered to breed standered which is a load of bull anyway, and the rigeback putting the dogs down without the ridge as its not breed standard, even tho the ridge is a mild form of spin obfida, so there putting down healthy dogs to raise unhealthly one argh! and the bulldog omg cant breath and they look nothing like they used to as they have been so overbred to look the way they think they should, they couldnt do what they were bred for now as they wouldnt have the energy.

    sorry about the spelling im just really mad and the program was on hours ago


    It disgusts me the hypocrisy of it all and thats why I'll choose a mongrel anyday

    Didn't see the programme, but would go for a mongrel every time! Not that you cant get a good one, but pedigree dogs are farmed for profit nowadays!
    I would rather fish in a clean gene pool!!!

    Looooool!!! :w00t:

    If we carry on, we're gonna get done for multiple I.D.'s!!! :w00t:

    I am fuming too, we have a pomeranian and I dread to think about the breeding process. It is disgusting what they do, but the real eye opener is that they are completely blind to their way of thinking. If only they joined reality.
    My cousin has a king charles and let me just say that they are beautiful dogs and I wouldn't let this put you off but I would do some homework and get a dog which has bred humanily..perhaps try Ireland? Not sure what their rules are but if immigration rules allow it, you could potential have a trip to Ireland and get the perfect animal. :-)

    But didn't you see that show about illegal breeding in Ireland and them being able to legally ship them over here for sale. Ugh!!!

    i have a king charles cav who is wonderful. i am scared for him now. wonderign wether ti would be worth an mri scan. and where i coul dget one

    I cant believe that the first couple let the dog live that long when it started the scratching...

    People call themselves dog lovers then let it live in obvious pain for that long... Sorry, but some people are just sick

    This is why BBC is thinking of scrapping crufts coverage.

    Although i've still always had pedigrees, never had a heinz 57

    When buying a pedigree it's always important to check the breeders history and see the parents. There is nothing wrong with the vast majority. You have to remember these programs will always pick out exceptional cases to garner the emotional response you see here.

    Watched this on BBC iPlayer earlier & it is disgusting.

    It's worth noting though that the programme does not apply to all pedigree's - it focussed on the main dogs that were most affected by inbreeding etc.

    Worth noting though, especially if you have/are thinking of buying a King Charles Spaniel.........

    Did you see the German Shephards as well ? They couldn't even walk properly ??
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