Pedigree Dogs Exposed.... How sad..... On BBC1 now..

    The BBC has told Sky News it will review its broadcasting of dog show Crufts after a documentary exposed life-threatening illnesses among its dogs.

    Pedigree Dogs Exposed reports decades of inbreeding has caused epilepsy and cancer among some entrants at the event, described by a leading vet as showcasing "a parade of mutants".

    The Corporation told Sky News it will now "discuss matters raised in the film" with the pedigree event.

    But a spokesman ruled out plans to curtail its contract with the show, which has two years left to run.

    The Kennel Club, which runs the competition and sets the show's entrance standards, has defended inbreeding as an "essential tool" in the development of breeds.

    Critics claim animals such as the bulldog have been bred to such a strange shape that most prize exhibits can no longer mate without human assistance, or give birth naturally.

    Purebreeds account for three quarters of Britain's seven million pet dogs.

    Their health problems cost owners more than £10 million in vets fees every week.

    Mark Evans, the RSPCA's chief vet, says watching Crufts is like seeing a parade of mutants.

    A BBC spokesman told Sky News it is "currently under contract to broadcast Crufts for another two years, but in light of the documentary, we are going to discuss matters raised in the film with the Kennel Club".

    The Kennel Club club secretary Caroline Kisko said many of the health problems have their roots in Victorian times.

    The organisation runs a range of health testing schemes and is funding the development of genetic tests, while it works hard to eliminate from breed standards any exaggerations that might cause problems.

    Pedigree Dogs Exposed is broadcast tonight on BBC One at 9pm.


    I am afraid its not news to anyone who has ever bought or bred a pedigree dog. There is big money to be made and human nature as it is there will always be those who work the system. I used a breeder who was not very honest or caring, just after money. I mated my bitch with her stud dog and some of the puppies had things wrong, the whole lot were not like previous litters............I kept one puppy and she died of a stroke at seven years old, a congenital heart disorder, not on her mothers side.

    A really alarming program. I'm really pleased that I've a Springer Spaniel whose parents were both really strong, fit and intelligent working dogs. Breeding simply to perpetuate strange physical characteristics that have nothing to do with the health of the breed is plainly daft.
    There are obviously a few people singing "the king is in the altogether" but the rest don't (or don't want to) hear the song.

    Note: She doesn't actually need the glasses she's wearing on the left! :roll:

    The so-called 'breed standards' do not incorporate the all important health of the dogs. Lots of breeds are genetically deformed, with deafness, breathing difficulties and mental illness. Ove the years I have seen some breeders on the TV saying that they are very careful in choosing their breeding stock but we all know how badly wrong things have gone and programmes like this are very useful in informing the public. I think that the RSPCA and vets as well as the Kennel Club and Crufts could all play a part in changing breeding for healthy dogs of good temperament.

    Sorry I missed this program tonight. Has anyone got it recorded?? or does anyone know if it is getting repeated on any channels??


    Sorry I missed this program tonight. Has anyone got it recorded?? or does … Sorry I missed this program tonight. Has anyone got it recorded?? or does anyone know if it is getting repeated on any channels??

    This says that Pedigree Dogs is coming soon.…-19


    This says that Pedigree Dogs is coming … This says that Pedigree Dogs is coming soon.

    Thanks chesso, I will keep a check on that :thumbsup:

    it was awful. i cried that poor boxer fitting. i have a cavalier king charles and im worried sick now that he could develop that syrgiamylia or something.

    we love him so much id be heartbroken

    This statement is a bit general:

    [img]Purebreeds account for three quarters of Britain's seven million pet dogs.[/img]

    Our Cocker Spaniel Jake is a good pedigree however he doesn't fit the breed standard, his parents and various ancestors were chosen not for their shape but their agility and health plus genetic diversity. Jake's Mum was from Aberdeen and his Dad Wales, as a result he's not suffered any hereditary problems expected with spaniels and has generally lived a good life healthwise. More recently he has started suffering kidney problems but this is more to do with old age than anything else and he is managing along, just not quite as lively as before.

    Crossbreeds aren't guaranteed good health either, two differnet friends had brothers from the same litter - unsure what they were as they had a real mix of different breeds. Both have sadly passed away, at Jake's age both had lost their vision and their sight amongst other problems.

    Howver those are more special cases, I very much disagree with showdog pedigrees rather than working strain. We took a labrador for one of Grandparents who couldn't cope with a lab pup, she was missing her previous lab a lot so we took Bruno who was a three year old stud that was no longer needed because he had produced a son that had exceeded his hipscore and that was it. Bruno still was a very 'good' Labrador however his pedigree showed a lot of inbreeding and as he aged he suffered many of the hereditary problems associated with Labradors.

    I would never choose a showdog pedigree but would definitely consider a working pedigree again but hopefully won't have to for a long time.


    I think that you have given some very good examples there John. We have had three pedigree dogs over the past years. I also had pedigree dogs, including our lovely golden cocker, who lived well til a good old age, as a child.
    Our black lab born locally and bred by a family was a super strong fit guy who suffered in old age with arthritis but lived until he was 14. Our present golden retriever needed shoulder surgery for a common fault with the breed - cartilage flaking because of the fast growth but is otherwise very healthy and although he looks lovely wouldn't stand a chance at Crufts, being 'bred for temperament'. We got a Welsh Springer Spaniel, to be a companion for our old labrador but the little chap wasn't able to make adult red blood cells and he died when he was 8 months old. We saw both his parents who were lovely and the owner was very keen on the breed, but he was genetically ill. Anecdotally we all have our examples. The kennel club should make it easy and compulsory for genetic defects to be recorded.


    This says that Pedigree Dogs is coming … This says that Pedigree Dogs is coming soon.

    Now able to view, thanks again chesso :thumbsup:

    I turned it over i coulndt watch it too sad for me with them 2 snobby stuck up women breeders who said they willingly put down healthy puppies, with all the adverts for a dog is for life etc etc there should be a law

    i couldnt watch anymore after that but from what ive seen wrote here im glad i did turn over

    -proud owner of a mongrel

    I finally saw this program and was appalled, I couldn't believe the attitude of some people on that program. I don't know how they could think the 'showdog' pedigrees were better dogs than the working strains, I was especially alarmed by the angled back legs on the poor Alsations. I didn't know that white was undesirable as I just thought it was rarer. I guess the difference is these people don't see the dogs as animals, more as machines almost to fit a certain purpose. That lady with the champion King Charles Spaniel that had allowed it to father 24 litters(!) knowing it had that brain condition that it would pass on should be getting a visit from the SSPCA.

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